13 Central Avenue, Black Rock VIC

13 Central Ave, Black Rock, Vic

Client: A & C Sale Method: Selling Advisory Advocate: Suzana Hristovski
Client Brief

A, and mum C, needed to sell a family estate in Black Rock – a suburb they were not familiar with and needed help with presenting the home and selecting an agent.

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Suzana Hristovski
13 Central Avenue, Black Rock VIC
Buying Journey Summary:

A, a past client whom I had previously helped secure a family home in Canterbury, reached out to me again for assistance with the sale of a family estate in Black Rock. As the assigned executor, A was unsure about the best approach for selling the property, considering the extended family lived on the other side of town. They were uncertain about which agent to engage and whether to sell the home in its current condition or invest in improvements to increase its desirability.

After conducting thorough research and considering the property’s location, I advised the family that it would be beneficial to invest some money in improving the home and then bring it to the market during the summer season. I assisted the family throughout the renovation process, organising trades and upgrades to enhance the property’s appeal.

Additionally, we interviewed several local agents to find the one best suited for the property, ensuring they had the necessary expertise to handle the sale effectively.

The whole process was undoubtedly an emotional time for the family, given the circumstances. By shouldering some of the burden and stress, we were able to provide much-needed support during this challenging period. As a result, the property garnered strong interest, with a significant number of inspections. On the day of the sale, we achieved a stellar result, which left the family pleased. They were content that the sale allowed them to honour the memory of their late aunty/sister and pass the property on to another family to enjoy for years to come.

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