$4.7m 3 bedroom waterfront unit on the Beach at Balmoral

Client: MF Sale Method: Private Sale, only buyer to inspect Advocate: David Turnbull
Client Brief

Moving from the family home and downsizing can be daunting, so we arranged agents who I had personally known and trusted for 40 years to sell their family home. The brief was to move to a property in the same suburb that did not feel isolated and was close to friends, but with a significant view and parking, all constrained by a reasonable but not excessive budget.

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David Turnbull
Buying Journey Summary:

Following a month of researching recently sold properties to ascertain the perfect property, it became apparent that the budget may need to be excessively increased to tick the boxes. Having inspected two units in one particular building early in the search, my clients felt that the units were too small and needed a larger one in the building to suit their requirements. I called one agent who was aware that my clients are always pre vetted as serious buyers, they were confident in approaching one owner in the building and confirming any offers would be serious. The owner was not ready to sell, but after inspection my clients loved the property so much an offer was made in line with two recent sales. Within a week an exchange had occurred at an excellent price, so everything came together in what could have been a stressful time in my clients life.

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